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Fitness Concepts provides a variety of services and products to endurance athletes to improve strength, endurance, and efficiency.  We coach clients nationally via telephone, email and video analysis, in addition to our two training centers located in Fairfax, Virginia and Annapolis, Maryland. Fitness Concepts services include:

Triathlete's Guide to Run Training (Click to Buy)Coaching for athletes of all levels, with a staff of highly qualified knowledgeable coaches.  We teach athletes of all levels how to train and race to the limits of their abilities.
Laboratory Testing  to help athletes maximize workout efficiency.  We test aerobic threshold, lactate threshold, and VO2 max, and interpret the results to determine precisely how hard you should go for each type of workout.  Avoid wasting time from inefficient workouts!

Seminars, Clinics, and Presentations, locally and nationally, on tips and technique in swimming, cycling, running, strength training, weight loss, nutrition, flexibility, and the proper use of equipment and supplies.

Let us help you get the most out of every workout
and reach your goals
at each race. 
Evolution Running DVD  (Click to Buy)Technique Instruction in swimming, cycling, running, and weight training from some of the world's top experts.  Our staff has access to video equipment, including underwater video for swimming, and we teach techniques that maximize speed and efficiency, while minimizing injury risk.

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What they're saying about Fitness Concepts

"A couple of weeks ago while I was in Zurich, my friend/colleague from the Netherlands went for a run with me around the lake. ...He immediately started imitating the style throughout the rest of our run.  I didn't think much more about it.  Today he called to tell me that he had just beaten his own record at the 5K distance by over a minute!  He is amazed at how he is able to go faster at the same effort, and some nagging issues with his knees are not bothering him anymore.  He is completely sold and very excited about his running!" - Jimmy Lutz

"I would not be where I am in triathlon without Fitness Concepts.
-- Margie Shapiro

"Coach Ken Mierke and the exceptional services provided at Fitness Concepts were instrumental in elevating my bicycle racing results to a higher level than I thought possible. 
-- Paul Langlois, Master 50+, Team Snow Valley

"At age 40, after more than 20 years of competitive running, I set personal records in the mile, 5K, 5-mile, 10K, 10-mile, and half marathon distances.  Having a qualified coach made me confident that my training was efficient and that every aspect of performance was addressed.  I could never have entered the races prepared the way I was without such an excellent coach."
-- Elisa Velarde




Coaches Corner

Aerobic Capacity Training: Maxing the VO2 by Ken Mierke
Maximal aerobic capacity or VO2 Max, the amount of oxygen consumed in one minute of maximal aerobic exercise, is widely considered the standard test for aerobic conditioning.  Improving VO2 Max is a crucial step in maximizing endurance performance in any event lasting four minutes or longer.  The higher an athlete's VO2 Max, the greater the contribution of the aerobic system to energy production.  This translates into greater endurance at any intensity. (click to continue)

© 2016 by Ken Mierke
Congratulations on your decision to hire a running, cycling, or triathlon coach.  Having a trusted expert to guide you will improve your experience in the sport dramatically.  Every athlete improves from the expertise and objectivity offered by a qualified coach.  You will train more efficiently, getting a better return on your investments of time, energy, and passion.  You will improve your technique and learn better ways of doing everything involved in reaching your goals.  In addition to gaining greater mastery of the sport, you will enjoy the process more.(click to continue)

Our Athletes:
  • Six Triathlon World Champions
  • Margie Shapiro won overall female by 3:01, the largest winning margin in history
  • Steven Duplinsky won junior male by :29
  • 30 different Team USA Triathletes / Duathletes in both long course and short course
  • Ironman Lake Placid Mens 60-64 Age Group Record Holder
  • Two Hawaii Ironman Age Group Podium finishers
  • Two Top-3 World-Ranked X-Terra Triathletes, both Amateur and Professional
  • National Champion Road Cyclists in Road Race, Time Trial, Criterium, and BAR
  • Sixteen National Champion Triathletes
  • National Champion Duathlete
  • National Champion Pro Mountain Biker
  • Hawaii Ironman Physically Challenged Winner
  • I.T.U.  Physically Challenged World Champion
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