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Swim Instruction - With or Without Video Analysis

Humans are not made to swim.  Endurance swimming would be a different challenge if we came with fins, gills, and instincts that made us efficient in the water.  Unfortunately we have none of the above.  Our coaches provide instruction with and without video (including underwater).

Learn from top professional coaches how to:

  • Cut a smaller hole in the water so that your energy goes to increasing speed instead of displacing more water.
  • Balance from the core using your natural buoyancy so that the water holds you up and all your energy goes into horizontal propulsion.  Never spend energy doing something you can make the water do for you!
  • Correctly perform the “catch” so that you anchor the entire arm in the water before initiating the pull.  Pull with a larger paddle.
  • Blend stroke length and turnover for the optimal balance of speed and efficiency.
  • Use the larger, stronger muscles of the core more and the smaller, weaker muscles of the extremities less.

Write us at Info@Fitness-Concepts.com for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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