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Fitness Concepts’ Kickr Studio, Falls Church, VA

Join our workouts led by world renowned coach Ken Mierke.

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Kickr Class
  • Train by wattage on advanced Kickr and Kickr Snap Trainers.

  • Learn to engage more and larger muscles to do the work.

  • Increase efficiency, power, strength, and endurance.

  • Watch cycling videos on 10-Foot Screen as you ride.

  • Train on your own bike, not a gym’s spin bike.

  • Push harder than you can by yourself.

  • Make the time go by faster.

Rent the Studio for your own group.


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8-Week, 12-Week or 16-Week Blocks 


Prices - 1 Class Per Week:

8 Weeks

$100 ($12.50 ea)

12 Weeks

$120 ($10 ea)

16 Weeks

$150 ($9.38 ea)

Prices - 2 Classes Per Week:

8 Weeks

$150 ($9.37 ea)

12 Weeks

$180 ($6.67 ea)

16 Weeks

$225 ($7.03 ea)

12 or 16-week programs can be billed monthly.  Email us at Info@Fitness-Concepts.com to arrange.

40% Discount for Current Coaching Clients  

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