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Fine Tune Your Cycling Technique

While most cyclists understand the need for a modern high-tech machine featuring aerodynamic tubing, disk wheels, and aero bars, very few have invested any energy into pedaling more efficiently.  Our research shows that faster cyclists perform better more because of better efficiency than because of better fitness.  Certainly they are stronger, but we’ve found that 84% of the time efficiency is an even greater factor.  If cyclist A has a lactate threshold that is 8% higher than cyclist B, 84% of the time he consumes less than 4% more oxygen to do so.  He produces 8% more power, but uses only 3% more energy to do so.

Let our coaches teach you how to:

  • Initiate the down-stroke earlier to elongate the peak power zone and to engage the larger hip extensor muscles (glutes) with the knee extensors (quadriceps).
  • Initiate the back-stroke earlier to carry momentum between pedal stroke dead-spots and to unload before bottom dead center.
  • Unload the pedal on the upstroke so that all of the right leg’s down-stroke power makes you go faster instead of lifting the left leg.  Keep your legs from fighting each other and engage the hip flexors to help keep the quadriceps fresh.
  • Adjust your bike position to provide optimal leverage for efficient pedaling, aerodynamics, and comfort.  Link to bike fit.

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