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Evolution Running Clinics

Evolution Running LogoLearn techniques to improve your speed, efficiency, and injury resistance from Ken Mierke, designer of Evolution Running.

Evolution Running is the first system to provide a comprehensive analysis of techniques that dramatically improve running speed, efficiency, and injury resistance.

Evolution Running has improved performance in runners of all levels, from overweight beginners to national and world champions.

Evolution Running Clinics:
Date:       July 24, 2021
Time:      2p
Where:   TBA
                Falls Church, VA


Date:      September 28, 2021
Time:      2p
Where:   TBA
                Falls Church, VA

Our clinics include:

- Brief initial video analysis of current technique

- Presentations on every major aspect of running technique

- Drills and supervised running with feedback from instructors

Pre-Season Training
Pre-Season Training Session runs 4 months beginning January, 2022
Athlete Weight Loss Program

Lean for a Lifetime Lifestyle Program - Group

Strength Training for Triathletes Seminar 11/06/10 Columbus, OHLean for a Lifetime is the most comprehensive approach for athletes to getting and staying lean.  Our program addresses necessary shifts in thinking, nutrition, and exercise to work with your body to get lean gradually and then to stay lean.  Our program will teach you to make permanent changes in your body chemistry, which will make it far easier for you to stay lean after achieving your goal, even during periods when you are imperfect.

12-Week Sessions begin soon!

Indoor Trainer Sessions
Basic and Advanced Classes - TBA
Click for info and Registration
Training Camp on 70.3 Eagleman Course - TBA

triathlon_swimmerOur clinic includes:

Train on the Eagleman 70.3 course and learn from the region’s top triathlon coaches. Weekend will include the following:

  • Workouts supervised by two top coaches
  • Open-Water Swim
  • Brick
  • Long Run
  • Presentations
  • Open-Water Swimming
  • Pedal Stroke Technique and Bike Fit for 70.3
  • 70.3 Nutrition
  • 70.3 Race Strategy
  • Peak and Taper for 70.3
  • Training by Heart Rate
  • Training and Racing in the Heat
  • Running Economy
Triathlon Swim Technique

triathlon_swimmerOur clinic includes:

  • 4 hour clinic
  • Before and after video analysis
  • Focus on balance, alignment and core strength
  • Race strategy

Date:          TBD
Location:    TBD                      


Joan Mountain
• Professional Swim and Triathlon Coach
• Masters in Physical Therapy
• Coached Division 1 NVSL swim team to 4 consecutive Divisional and All-Star Championships

Ken Mierke
• Head Coach, Fitness Concepts featured in the book "Born to Run”
• 2-Time I.T.U. World Champion
• Coach to 6 World Champions and 29 National Champions

Strength - Weight Training Technique

Strength Training for Triathletes Seminar - Columbus, OH

Strength Training for Triathletes Seminar 11/06/10 Columbus, OHA properly designed and executed strength training program will improve performance for almost every triathlete. Endurance athletes need to approach weight training very differently from other athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Learn how to increase the strength of your slow twitch (endurance) fibers in the weight room.


Date:           TBD
Location:    TBD
                     Columbus, OH

Seminars and Programs

Lean for a Lifetime Seminar

This half-day seminar teaches you how simple adjustments in your thinking, your exercise patterns, and your nutrition will help you get and stay lean.

Date and Venue - TBA

Lean for a Lifetime Lifestyle Program (6 wks)

Everything you need to learn to get and stay lean. No gimmicks, just solid physiology, nutrition, and psychology. Six Wednesday evening meetings provide instruction, structure, and support.

Meetings will be held at a convenient location.

Climbing Faster for Cyclists

Cyclists: Climb faster than you ever thought possible!

Join us for this presentation - TBA


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